West Virginia Association of Elementary 

Physical Education 

                                          May 18-20, 2018 


                             Camp Caesar 4-H Camp

                                       Cowen, WV

Our 50th and FINAL Conference 

What is WVAEPE?

This conference began in 1969.  It was the brainchild of Dr. Alan Canonico who was the Director of Physical Education for the West Virginia State Department of Education.  In the 1980's, the state decided to no longer fund the conference so the West Virginia Association of Elementary Physical Education was formed by a group of teachers.  Those same teachers are still actively involved in the planning of the Camp Caesar Conference.

The unique thing about this conference is it is planned by teachers for teachers.  The conference is totally self-supporting.  All operating cost for this conference comes from the registration fees charged.  They receive absolutely NO money from any other sources and no member of the planning board receives a salary.  As a matter of fact, they pay, just as you do, to come to the conference!

This conference has another unique feature.  Unlike other conferences where you sit and take notes while listening to a lecture, this conference is 100% participation.  Many well-known presenters have been to Camp Caesar:  Hap Palmer, Ambrose Brazelton, Rudy Franklin, Rudy Benton, Rich Cendali and the Skip-Its, as well as many others.

Come, as others have for 48 years to find out what makes this conference a "One of a Kind"!

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